This is the #1 question we hear from patients once they learn about Upper Cervical Specific care in our office and experience a “miracle” when it comes to their health.


Recently, we were able to help a 52-year-old woman, named Sheryl.

Sheryl had been to every specialist from here to the Bay Area, searching for answers to what could be causing her unrelenting chronic pains, fatigue, and migraines that seemingly came out of nowhere a few years ago.

After a variety of testing including blood work, hormone testing, thyroid testing, saliva testing, even DNA testing, to Sheryl’s dissatisfaction, all of her test results were found to be “inconclusive”, or “within normal limits”. With these findings, she was referred to pain management, where her only option was medication A, B, or C if the formers did not work. The time commitment of her searching for not only a diagnosis, but a solution spanned over 2 years, and cost her thousands of dollars.

This, unfortunately (yet fortunately), is the time when most folks just like Sheryl are willing to try anything and find themselves in our office at The Specific Chiropractic Centers.


We use diagnostic testing that no other specialist or clinic offers to get to bottom of what is causing their health concerns.

In our office, we use Computerized Infrared Thermography, which tests the function of the nervous system. The nervous system controls all functions in the entire body. Digestion, blood flow to the brain, muscles of the heart, your senses, everything. With this testing, we were able to find that Sheryl’s nervous system was imbalanced and not functioning properly. With knowing this, paired with a thorough health history, orthopedic testing, and specialized x-rays, we were able to determine the cause of all, or almost all of Sheryl’s health problems.

After several visits of checking Sheryl’s nervous system through her course of recommended care, she began to experience life without these ailments that had been plaguing her for the past few years. She was able to resume her normal life, being able to go back to the gym with her girlfriends, have wine nights,, and pain free weekend getaways with her husband. One day she said to us, “New life was breathed into me!”


After experiencing this miracle in her health, Sheryl asked asked us, “Why didn’t anyone tell me this existed before?”

I wish I had an answer. But I don’t. All I can do is write this story, post it to our website, and share this, along with every other testimony and miracle we’ve had the privilege to be apart of in our office, with the world.

We want you to know that not only is there hope, but there is a solution for many health ailments that do not have to be treated with medications or surgery. It’s called Upper Cervical Specific care.

We see cases like Sheryl on a daily basis. We also help people with arthritis, digestive problems, spinal degeneration and disc bulges, and even vertigo. In fact, the telltale sign someone has an issue with their nervous system and could possibly benefit from Upper Cervical Specific care, is that their ailment continues to get worse, despite everything they have tried.


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