How Could Upper Cervical Help Migraines?


You’re probably thinking the same thing that most of the patients we see for migraines were thinking when they looked into Upper Cervical Care as a possible long-term, natural solution for their migraines.

“My migraines are different and more severe…”

“How could this help? None of the medications I’ve used helped for long and I tried chiropractic before anyway…”

Or the worst thought of all: “I guess I will just have to learn to live with these.”

Many of these thoughts are true! Because no one person is the same, no one migraine is the same. Each migraine can have variations of pain severity, location of pain, type of pain, and accompanied sensitives…think of the lights, sounds, and smells that can send you running to the dark cool room under the covers.

However, the one thing that each migraine does have in common, is their cause.


Each day we see patients that have been suffering from not only debilitating migraines, but also suffering from the exhaustive years long search for answers and solutions. What these patients didn’t know, is that they had an underlying brainstem and nervous system problem. This problem has gone undetected because very, very few healthcare providers test for it.

In our office we utilize an FDA approved heat reading piece of technology called computerized infrared thermography. With this neurodiagnostic tool, we are able to objectively measure the nervous system, giving us a reading on the computer of any imbalance or dysfunction present within the nervous system. This is an extremely important test as the nervous system controls all function in the body, including the areas of the body that when irritated, cause the pain of a migraine.

In addition to measuring the nervous system, we also take very specialized x-rays of the upper neck to locate any malpositioning, or misalignment with the top two vertebrae of the neck (C1 and C2). The reason why we look at this area of neck, opposed to any other region of the spine is due to the unique relationship that the top two neck bones have with how the nervous system functions.

If, for any reason, there is a misalignment present between either of those top two bones, a variety of health consequences occur within the body. What may happen that can influence a migraine are any of the following: a restriction of normal blood flow to and from the head, spasming or tightening of the upper muscles of neck, irritation of the nerves in the neck, canal stenosis, arthritis in the discs and joints in the cervical (neck) vertebrae, and/or an imbalance between the normal flow of cerebrospinal fluid to and from the head.

An imbalance within the nervous system will NOT be detected by an MRI, CT, routine blood work, or another chiropractor “feeling your neck”. This is what we are highly specialized in to detect, correct, and allow for an extremely high success rate (over 85%) in alleviating recurring headaches and migraines.

If migraines are obstructing your life in a dramatic way, and you have found zero success utilizing traditional methods of healthcare, please schedule a complimentary consultation now by clicking here, or by calling our office at 916.755.4128!

Imagine for just a brief second, what your life without migraines would look like… It could be more easily attainable than you think. We help people just like YOU all the time!