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I stumbled on this gem recently…

“Self care is a divine responsibility.”

One of my closest friends told me about this fantastic woman, Danielle LaPorte.

After looking at her website, I fell in complete love with her and the inspirational messages she has to share. But most importantly, I fell in love with how she specifically speaks to the hearts of women.

I have always been a firm believer in the divine and the powers of the universe that be. I have always believed that in order to truly take care of others we must first take care of oneself. The whole “in the event cabin pressure should change, oxygen masks will drop down, place your oxygen mask on before assisting others…” blah blah blah type of thing.

But even deeper than this, is the message that we send outwards from ourselves into the world, by taking responsibility for our self care. It means that we are sending out strong signals into the universe (or to whichever spiritual deity you resonate with) that we love ourselves

That’s what makes self-care a divine responsibility. You have a divine responsibly to eat wisely to the best of your knowledge, to carry positive thoughts in your mind, floss, etc, to ultimately love yourself. There is no denying that when you love yourself, you are rewarded with a rich and fulfilling life.

Now let’s go even deeper

I help women achieve a higher state of health in their self-care practices. I do this by correcting imbalances within their nervous system. The nervous system is the root to our whole health. It controls everything in the human body! By taking control of their nervous system health, these women are embracing the divine responsibility of their self-care. In return, these women are able to live the most incredible lifestyles. By expressing their full health potential by taking ownership of their self-care, it leads them to the life of their dreams.

I am so ready to help you take the first steps into your own divine self care. What self care practices do you already practice? I really want to know!  Email me at

Our monthly Women 2.0 gathering may be the first baby step you are looking for in terms of practicing your own divine self care.

Divinely yours,

Dr. Alicia

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