Make Health Care Great Again

At The Specific Chiropractic Centers, we stand for a country where we make health care and the health of the people, great again.


Unfortunately, the truth is that present-day society has enabled our country to be heavily influenced, some would even say completely controlled by pharmaceutical companies, the insurance industry, and big chain hospitals such as Kaiser Permanente, for the past two or three decades.


Fortunately, present-day society has simultaneously realized that these companies are not where health comes from. Personally, I have no issue with companies making money and being successful! I have an issue when the money is made without integrity, off of the suffering of American people. These companies have made billions and billions of dollars over the past few decades making you believe that they are 100% on your side!


Now of course in times of great medical life or death emergency, these companies are there to shine. But when it comes to everyday health issues or chronic diseases, they are not on your side. In fact, they perpetuate the problem.


The body’s overall health stems from the body’s ability to self regulate on is own, without the interference of drugs or surgery. Health does not stem from the latest pharmaceutical commercial you saw on TV, not from a lotion or at home device that a drug company tells you need to be free of chronic pain or disease.


The key to overcoming chronic disease comes from your own body’s ability to heal!


Taking back your health affords you the ability to be great, independent again, which in turn, also makes America great again at the same time. Here’s how!

  • Low Life Insurance Premiums – I’m sure you remember when you first applied for life insurance, you needed a health assessment to determine how healthy you are, therefore determining how much a risk you are to the insurance company. The more unhealthy you are, the higher risk you are, thus making the premium higher. By taking control of your health proactively, you actually save in this area over time. However with life insurance, It’s better to start on this sooner rather than later and lock in the lowest rate you can possibly can.


  • Low Health Insurance Premiums – If you are proactively staying healthy, needing less visits with your primary care doctor, less medications, and spending less money on medical related expenses, you may decide to purchase a health insurance policy that has the lowest premium possible. You can may even look into creating an HSA account that will allow you to accumulate tax-free dollars over time that rolls over year to year, that you can then use for your health care needs, as you need them, wherever you’d like, even the chiropractor! Essentially, an HSA acts like a debit card, and in the event that the unforeseen happens, you can even use these dollars to satisfy your deductible. But if you and your family are healthy, and don’t need to use your HSA, it’s tax-free money that you save!


  • Less Time Out of Work – When you are healthy, you do not have sick days, can be more productive at work, and hey maybe even eligible for a promotion! Retired? Well maybe you don’t “work” anymore, but you still have a life to live and when you are healthy you can do just do that!


So if health comes from the body’s ability to take care of it own…how does it do that? With the nervous system!If your body heals, and regulates itself well by way of a properly functioning nervous system, you will be healthy and well. It is that simple.


The type of care we provide in our office (measuring the nervous system) is utilized by less than 10% of people in this country. However, those 10% of people THRIVE in this life, not just survive. By ensuring that each and every individual under care in all of our clinics get great results, we aim make people great again, which will in turn, will make AMERICA great again! Not dependent on pharmaceuticals, insurance companies, or even the government when it comes to our health.


In present day 2019, we NEED exceptional doctors, surgeons, and certain pharmaceuticals, but the idea that they are the first and only thing that can get you better is just not true. There is a time, and there is a place for everything. And again, I repeat when you are having an extreme life threatening emergency, certain specialists, drugs, or surgeries may be necessary. However we also NEED sustainable, safe, and affordable health care options for those suffering from chronic disease.

Can you imagine what our country would like if everyone had a chance at the best health possible? If they were guided to the best options FOR THEM, not the best options for profit margins? Imagine a country where pharmaceuticals and insurance companies aren’t the leading profit stream in America, instead, we the people are.


Together, we can make America’s Health Care Great Again.